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May in Melbourne celebrates four legs, multiculturalism and beer. As always the galleries, bars, music venues, restaurants, lanes ways and sporting fields are full of people enjoying the vibrancy of one of the world’s greatest cities.


Dog lovers show to Human rights arts and film festival

Dog lovers Show

Friday A to Sunday 6 May 2018

Featuring a full range of dog centre activities, Vets will offer advice, dog obedience and agility demonstrations, adopt a dog and common woof games.


Buddha’s Day

80,000 visitors, over 40 activities, 40 or more cultural events plus food stalls make this one of the largest one day celebrations of multiculturalism in the world. Join with Melbourne as we celebrate what it is to be different and how this brings us together.

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Next Wave Festival and the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Two diverse but complementary festivals fill May. The next wave festival highlights those who are just beginning or those who are doing something different. Don’t expect the polish of the big headline acts but be open to the new and the different. The human rights art and film festival highlights what many people are still going through in order to enjoy what most Australians believe is normal. Be prepared to have your understanding of what is normal challenged and to come away from each of these events thinking a little differently.


Australians have always liked a drink, and from the 12th to the 20th of May Melbourne showcases all that is new in beer. From food and beer matching to masterclasses in home brewing. Experience the fusion of two of Melbourne’s favourite beverages Beer and Coffee at the Beerspresso 2 Nitro Extravaganza, eight coffee roasters matched with eight brewers to make eight coffee beers. Good Beer Week is an expression of all things beer.

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